“Tell them what I have done for you”

That’s what God told us a few weeks ago wasn’t it? (September 8th?)

It’s great when the prophetic word comes and we must not despise it. My beautiful wife reminded me of this particular prophecy as we drove home from cell group this week.

It was great to go around everyone who was there and give our 60 second testimonies (with the occasional exception haha) and I was touched and moved to see how God has saved us from so much to take us into so much! It was so wide and varied, from accounts of grieving, broken marriages, near fatal attacks, to saved when a child, given hope at university – and all are valid and equally powerful and significant. My favourite first line of a testimony was: “I first went to church as a dare…” haha.

I used to despise my testimony…I was saved when I was 5. Nothing major happened in the natural. I said a prayer in my bed and I lived my life. I remember thinking how I wanted a dramatic testimony the sort of “I was on the run from the law, hiding in a basement and my food and water supply had run out – when God found me…” I loved to hear the stories and testimonies of how far people were away from God and how God had literally turned their world upside down! I thought I needed a story like that.

But I know now, and I have known for a while that my testimony is just as valid and dramatic as the sinner who repents on his deathbed, as the one time drug dealer now traveling the world helping youths, as dramatic as Saul on the road to Damascus!

The reality of salvation is not always what we see – although the natural would have us judge everything by sensationalism. But the fact of salvation is that in the spiritual God saved us from an eternity without him and brought us into an eternal relationship with himself. God broke the chains of death and the chords of sin that tangled us up and brought us from darkness into light. God sent his son to die for me, a five year old boy in my bed in Fairwater Cardiff that I might know his power and glory. He died for me – for me! That is nothing short of Awesome! In the very real sense of the word.

Now I know my testimony is outstanding! God saved my soul and saved me from the life I may have led – that is God’s grace to me.

So when the prophetic word comes saying “tell them I have done for you“, we must do what the Spirit tells us – not embellish our tales of woe and pity, and not despise what happened to us, no matter how lacklustre it seems in the natural. God will use us with those people who are like us. I have a testimony that will reach some that others may not be able to. Equally my testimony may not have the impact yours might. But together, each part of the body doing its bit, we will see Pontypridd and to the ends of the earth come into the knowledge of the glory of the Lord.

Consider what God has done for you right now…it is the greatest miracle that you will ever hear about.



One Response to “Tell them what I have done for you”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I read your blogs including the this one I’m commenting on..youre right..you dont have to have a spectacular testimony to reach others. You reached me.I was searching on the internet and came to your blogs for some reason and it really impressed me which I needed because I’m having quite a struggle right now. Your words about God and all are very encouraging. Thanks

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