One for sorrow, two for joy…

July 5, 2006

Joy of joys, Counting Crows have a new ‘live’ album out! It was actually recorded back in 2003 (don’t know why it’s taken so long to come out then) and is their last release before a new studio album next year.

New Amsterdam: Live at Heineken Music Hall February 6, 2003

I’m a big fan of the Counting Crows and have seen them play live a few times. Great songs make for great atmospheric moments. Highlights? Well, too many to list and you may not know what I’m talking about but it was great to hear good live versions of ‘Four White Stallions‘ and ‘MiamiAND a great 8 minute rendition of ‘Goodnight Elisabeth‘.

Good stuff! Check out the link to their website further down this page on the right!


What speaks to you…

June 14, 2006

A blog to follow up from "Who's Driving?" posted a couple of days ago. There are many songs that speak to me about my Christian Life and they don't have to be "Christian" songs that we might sing in church or recorded by Christian artists. Roger's comment got me thinking – not a country fan but a nice song that can speak to a person. So it got me thinking as to what secular songs or artists that you listen to speak to you and encourage you in your faith? It doesn't even have to be a whole song, it can just be a refrain or a chorus. I've started off with a few from the top of my head. These are some of my favourites…what are yours?

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Good old John Williams…

June 13, 2006

Quick one today. I love the Music of Star Wars, it has everything that I think a musical score for a movie should have. Of course it was written by the great John Williams(who has also penned  many other great scores) but new video footage has come to light of the orchestras first recording. Click here to witness it for yourself

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Who’s driving?

June 12, 2006

Good day to you wonderful people and welcome to Monday!

Zoe will not enjoy this post today as I've already been driving her crazy going on about it…..another song has got me. Can't get it out of my head. I heard it many months ago but only got round to downloading it last week and now it's on repeat….a lot, and then there's the singing……my singing……that could be better. But the lyrics got me, made me stop and think. As well as being a cleverly written simile of living our lives being like a car being driven on a long journey it asks a very good question that all of us have to answer…who's driving?

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Though some things are not explained…

May 19, 2006

Please read on…

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The Gospel Show Tonight!

April 28, 2006


Oh yes my friends it's back and better than ever before. This Friday the 28th at 10pm until midnight, join Jonathan Cooper and myself for another great edition of 'The Gospel Show' on GTFM 106.9fm

What's your time Zone? Tune in at:

3pm Los Angeles, 5pm Chicago, 6pm New York, 

10pm UK, Midnight Norway, 4am India

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Tune in this Friday…

February 22, 2006


Oh yes my friends it’s back and better than ever before. This Friday the 24th at 10pm until midnight, join Jonanathan Cooper and myself for another great edition of ‘The Gospel Show’ on GTFM 106.9fm

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