I believe the tomb is empty…

January 31, 2006


squilrI’m driving to work this morning, ready for a new day of graft and numbers, when who should pop into my head but Mr Ron Kenoly! Big Ron! Now if you don’t know who Ron Kenoly is then you’re missing out on some great live worship recordings, especially the early stuff, albums like Lift Him Up, God is Able, Sing Out etc…

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Another day…another new blog site

January 31, 2006


Straight away…I know what you’re thinking – brother, another blog site.

Well, yes – I guess it is but let me explain. You see I have had blogs before…but both of them ran out of steam and I vowed never to blog again but instead concentrate my energies on moaning about the wealth of blogs I felt obliged to read… Read the rest of this entry »