Fantasy Football

Table as of 17/10/06



The 2006/07 Premiership season is under way – but more importantly, the inaugral season of our Fantasy Football season has begun!

The latest standings (to be updated weekly…or so) are below but in the meantime, let’s meet the teams


Jonathan Cooper – ‘Coop Aaaah utd’Founder and Chairman of the league and much tipped wild card for the trophy. Could do well but everyone knows his wife his helping him 😉

Matt Warren  – ‘Matt of the Day’ – Brother-in-law of the above chairman (very dodgy that!) and a much welcomed guest to the league…providing he doesn’t win – then we’ll all claim the he was always far too close to the chaiman and all this has been one great conspiracy!

Akinola Akinyede – ‘Overcomers Utd’ – can he do anything wrong? One of the favourites for the title smply because he just seems to know! His name means ‘Wealthy Warrior’ and his own fortune would make Roman Abramovich blush!

Zoe Shutt‘Innit 2 Winnit FC’Dark horse of the tournament (no I am not calling my wife a horse!). Don’t be fooled by her lack of zeal for footy, she’s in it to prove the boys wrong and may well cause a suprise or two!

Kwaku Osafu – ‘Osafs Utd’ – Strong favourite for the crown. Once voted Cardiff Uni Football player of the year, he’s smooth, he’s strong and he’s not here to play games! Which is odd, as this…is…a game…oh well.

David Shutt‘The Only Way Is Up FC’Longing for the title but would also be happy to just finish above Cooper and Osafu! Still living in the glory days of making Emile Heskey cry at the age of 15, he’s aiming for glory but will more than likely lose interest before the season ends….along with the others too…probably.

Whoknows Iselema Daniels‘U’ll Never Walk Alone UTD’ – Don’t be fooled, his name is not a question. Rather, this cunning tactician uses all his powers (and his name) to bamboozle and confuse his opponents. Our second Nigerian football master. Can he become the first champion of this Fantasy Football League? The answer can only be…..WHO KNOWS! 😉 (ba-dum-ching!)

Jodi BlackhamUganda All The Way – Another relative of the Chairman so expect dodgy deals under the table. Running her team from her mission base in Uganda, Jodi hopes to become the first English-Overseas manager to triumph. The odds are tall, but then so is her husband. I mean he’s tall………not odd………ahem. (Hi Chris!)

and many more….but I haven’t got round to writing about them all yet – hopefully in time!


4 Responses to Fantasy Football

  1. Marcos says:

    Alright….The table is set…Who will be the champion of this years Football league? Who will hold it together and make the moves necessary to stay on top? Stay tuned. It is going to be a great year!!


  2. Daniels Whoknows says:

    I hope u have looked at the fantasy table this morning and updated it coz i have just climbed up again and i consider myself a very strong title contender just watch it time the high flying super eagles make a point in that league of xtraodinary gent’s. Lol I will see u all at the end of the league.

  3. Eulalia Shallcross says:

    Awesome blog…gave up on most years back, stick with

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