…and goodbye for now

November 3, 2006

Yes, that time has come.

The more astute of you will have noticed that my blogging has become more “non-existent” than it was sporadic haha. It has sadly fallen down the pecking order of things to do and therefore I don’t want to leave it just in limbo but rather sign off for awhile.

So this is the end of the blog for 2006. Hopefully I will take it up again in the new year and, by the grace of God, I will have a few photos of our firstborn child to share with you. Until then, thank you for stopping by. You were never obliged to so I appreciate all the fun you’ve given me. Please keep me in your feed readers so you’ll know when I’m back.

Until then, so long, farewell, auf weidershen, adieu.


Adieu, adieu, to yieu and yieu and….


Hello again…

October 18, 2006

So it’s been a while but here I am back at the blog….

Actually it’s been quite nice not feeling a pressure to blog – as for the title, there is no obligation to read and for the past two weeks I found no obligation to write haha

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Thomas Fuller quote…

September 29, 2006

He that returns good for evil obtains the victory.”



Have a great weekend!

What is it worth?

September 25, 2006

Light hearted start to the week as I gather my thoughts from the fantastic International Leaders conference that took place this weekend in Cardiff. Below is a link that (somehow) calculates the monetary worth of your blog in dollars. Give it a go and see if you own the next ‘Google’ or ‘MySpace’

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You have GOT to see this…

September 25, 2006

A Great Name…

September 21, 2006

What a great Name Jesus has! It wasn’t an uncommon name for the time and to distinguish Jesus the Son of God from other people called Jesus, the Bible refers to Jesus of Nazareth (John 18:7) or Jesus son of Joseph (Jn 6:42) along with others. It’s also the Greek form of the Hebrew name Joshua which was and still is a widely used name….so why give the Son of God the same name as other people of the day?

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How should I live my life?

September 19, 2006

Live as though Christ died yesterday,

Rose from the grave today,

And is coming back tomorrow!

 – Theodore Epp