World Mug

July 11, 2006

The dust is settling in Germany now that the Italians have taken their party back to their adoring fans – the World Cup is over for another 4 years! I know it has been criticised for not living up to expectations but personally it has been one of my favourite world cups, a close second to the memory that was Italia 90! But after watching many matches throughout the competition, there are still things about football that I just don’t understand

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How does that proverb go again…

July 5, 2006

…Something about cheats and not prospering? tee hee

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One for sorrow, two for joy…

July 5, 2006

Joy of joys, Counting Crows have a new ‘live’ album out! It was actually recorded back in 2003 (don’t know why it’s taken so long to come out then) and is their last release before a new studio album next year.

New Amsterdam: Live at Heineken Music Hall February 6, 2003

I’m a big fan of the Counting Crows and have seen them play live a few times. Great songs make for great atmospheric moments. Highlights? Well, too many to list and you may not know what I’m talking about but it was great to hear good live versions of ‘Four White Stallions‘ and ‘MiamiAND a great 8 minute rendition of ‘Goodnight Elisabeth‘.

Good stuff! Check out the link to their website further down this page on the right!

Good old John Williams…

June 13, 2006

Quick one today. I love the Music of Star Wars, it has everything that I think a musical score for a movie should have. Of course it was written by the great John Williams(who has also penned  many other great scores) but new video footage has come to light of the orchestras first recording. Click here to witness it for yourself

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I LOVE things that make me laugh!

May 26, 2006

I like laughing – Zoe and I do a lot of it! In fact Zoe cracks me up reguarly and is my favourite funny person! But here we are on the world wide web and one of the best mediums to raise a smile and crack a laugh are still pictures. Sure, videos are ok but I prefer a single snapshot so I can add my own sounds etc.

Whether it's a cat stuck in glass ("Hello….um….hello? I have a situation here…hello?") or a cat jumping on another cat and scaring the life out of it (Look out belooooooowwwww…..) I love pictures….and they don't have to include cats!

I like funny pictures where you don't have to add sounds too because the caption says it all like this one. This cop knows nothing hahahaha:


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Job 38:22 – the treasury of hail!

May 11, 2006

We were very nearly late to our midweek group last night – I know…me, nearly lateunthinkable! The reason for our later than normal departure time was an almighty hail storm with full surround sound, THX, sub-woofer thunder to go with it.

As we eventually got to the car and started driving Zoe said that it reminded her of a verse in Job…

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May the 4th be with you!

May 4, 2006