1 John 4:19…Jesus finds!

March 29, 2006

It was Zoe's birthday recently and some friends of ours bought her the new album by Kelly Clarkson entitled "Breakaway". I have to admit that I have been listening to more than Zoe, I think it's great and I would recommend it to a friend and hey, that means you!

But as I was listening to it yesterday a lyric jumped out to me from one of the songs and God spoke to me through it. I like the fact that God is always speaking, always calling out, always encouraging us – we just need to be listening.

The lyric was the first line of the chorus from the song 'You Found Me'Read the rest of this entry »


Breaking ground

March 28, 2006

Just thought I would share some thoughts about our work here in Pontypridd that I remembered recently. I first put it to paper 2 years ago when I was aking God was he wanted us to do under the banner of 'pioneering' – it's amazing what God brings to your rememberance to encourage you! Here we go then, To Pioneer…

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A New Mountain Taker!

March 27, 2006

Great news! All I want to do today is point you over to Jonathan Coopers Blog so he can introduce you to the latest addition to their family – Caleb Samuel Cooper, born yesterday.

Click here to go to his blog and send them a message!

Great to meet you Caleb – go take your mountain! Read the rest of this entry »

Judges: No mistake…

March 24, 2006

Continuing my thoughts on a few of the Judges. Today Jephthah. The first thing a lot of people say about Jephthah is that he’s the guy who made the rash vow and as a result sacrificed his daughter. I have my own thoughts on all that, did he, didn’t he etc…but this is not the time to go into it haha. Anyway. So we know he made the rash vow but as I looked again at the life of Jephthah God spoke to me about his beginningsRead the rest of this entry »

More musings …

March 23, 2006

Whether you knew it or not I used to blog – long before the days of Aubrey, Ling and Lloyd, oh yeah, I was there already.

I did well with my blog ‘Musings from Pontypridd’…..and then I got married and went on honeymoon and suddenly my blogging lost…momentum. But now thanks to the genius of WordPress.com I have imported my old posts into this blog so if you’re interested – and you have no obligation to read them, click on the monthly archives and have a look, or click here to go to my very first post…

Judges: Mr One Verse…

March 23, 2006

Don’t you just love the Judges? Othniel, Samson, Gideon, Deborah, Jephthah – they’re the ones that perhaps spring first into our minds because the book of Judges gives them a fair amount of space in this period of Israel’s history. But what about the rest? What about those men who led Israel but we know very little about – what is there to learn from them? Let me introduce you to one of these men who I’ve dubbed Mr One Verse – Elon… Read the rest of this entry »

Judges: The considered Word…

March 21, 2006

I love the book of Judges. I completed my cover for Dr. Aubrey of teaching at the All Nations Church Bible study last Sunday and it was great to be with the people of God and to see people challenged by the Word of God. As well as an overview of this particularly dark period in the history of Israel I was able to give some food for thought, some fresh insight (I trust) into the life and character of the Judges. I thought this week I would share a few with you and I’ll start with Ehud the Judge who you can read about in Judges chapter 3Read the rest of this entry »