The Chicken Sandwich Principle…

February 27, 2006

Last night Pontypridd had the privilege of welcoming Chandrakant Chavada amongst us. (Read his blog from the link on the right side of this page.) We welcomed Chandrakant as an Apostle of Jesus Christ knowing that he would bring a word that was foundational to all of our lives on which we would be able to build – that is what wise master-builders do…  Read the rest of this entry »


Random for the weekend…

February 24, 2006

It’s Friday already and that means the weekend, and that means it’s time to relax – and what better way to help you than give you a link to another great and totally random site!

Now I want to be clear that I am not a fan of bashing George Dubbya but he has made some verbal clangers in his time and this site celebrates this fact and also allows you to give George your favourite words to see how they might be used in one of his speechesRead the rest of this entry »

Comfort for the weekend…

February 24, 2006

With all that I’ve said over the past few weeks about the Comforter and the body of Christ caring and loving for itself, I thought this article that I came across was more than appropriate. A secular report from a secular paper – but let he who has an ear to hear, listen to what the Spirit is saying…


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Love is all you need…

February 23, 2006

Love is all you needGood time last night at our midweek group in Pontypridd. We have such a diverse bunch yet there is a wonderful sense, which is increasing all the time, of oneness and love between us.

And that is only going to get better and better as we embark on a practical study of 1 Corinthians 13 over the coming weeks. Last night was just the beginning and I already feel stirred that I need to change and that my character needs to be shaped so that my role in the body is a benefit to all my brothers and sisters in Christ… Read the rest of this entry »

Tune in this Friday…

February 22, 2006


Oh yes my friends it’s back and better than ever before. This Friday the 24th at 10pm until midnight, join Jonanathan Cooper and myself for another great edition of ‘The Gospel Show’ on GTFM 106.9fm

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Isaiah 40:3 “A Highway for the Lord…”

February 21, 2006

v3Listen, I hear the voice of someone shouting: “Make a highway for the Lord through the wilderness. Make a straight, smooth road through the desert for our God.”

I was reading Isaiah 40 again this morning about the highway of the Lord. When I was in Egypt some years ago I spent some time in the Sahara. Not deep in the desert but just enough that I lost sight of civilisation and the huge pyramids at Giza. It was not a place I wanted to stay in for long… Read the rest of this entry »

All Nations…

February 20, 2006

Morning All!

Had a great time at All Nations Church yesterday and a large part of that was due to the great people Zoe and sat by, friends from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Wales, England…I love the fun and diversity of it all. Then thinking about the week ahead it struck me again that what we are in Pontypridd is one vital aspect of all nations coming to worship the Lord. All Nations. All Nations! That’s incredible and we’re already seeing it among ourselves… Read the rest of this entry »