How much is enough?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently. (Why do you look surprised haha?) Thinking about the words over my life, thinking about all kinds of God-given desires and dreams, gifts and abilities, thoughts and visions – and it began to make me wonder why don’t I see it all right now. Why was I not where I thought I should be? Well, I am thinking no more. Two days ago I arrived at a conclusion to all my thoughts and questions

How much is enough for you? How much do you have to have to be fulfilled? Car? Job? Family? Success? Fame? What is the standard that you have set out to measure the purpose and value of your life? I had my ideas for my own life. I had set out, long ago, on a course of what I knew I wanted to do with my life but then I became frustrated when it didn’t happen as I thought it would.

So I asked God – why is that? And God, through prayers spoken over many days, weeks and months now, began to ask me a question.  He asked me? How much is enough for you?

God said to me: “How much is enough for you? I’ve birthed dreams, desires and vision in your heart for Me to bring about and fulfil in My own time – so why do you feel you need to be further than you are? How much is enough for you? Let me ask you again David, right now, how much is enough for you?

I thought about it and then two days ago I came to it. The answer. My answer. I replied:

Lord, I’m sorry that I have strived and grasped for things which are not for now. Those things you have excited me with, they are important to me BUT they do not fulfil me in themselves. You Lord, however, DO fulfil me. So Lord the answer to your question is simple: it is enough for me that You love me.”

Now I feel at peace about all those things that were on my mind. Sure the enemy has tried to put doubt in my mind – but as we resist the Devil, he flees from us. God’s love is enough for me. God’s love fulfils me. I can live in that, I can grow in that. I can survive on that. I can build on that.

God loves me! That’s more than enough for me. Those things that were puzzling me…they don’t compare. In God’s time they will come and I will see them…but I will receive them because I know they are given to me from God my Father who loves me so very dearly.

Friends, how much is enough for you? Is the amazing truth that God loves you enough for you? I hope so. If it isn’t then you have placed other things above God’s most wonderful gift to you and devalued His love for your life.

God has reached out to us, He loved us first and His love is an everlasting love. Think about His love for you and I trust that as you do, just as I discovered, that everything else will find its place, its priority and its time.


6 Responses to How much is enough?

  1. Dave, you are not alone! [1Co 10:13] I too have pondered these things. Thank you for this post – a real blessing.

  2. Olive says:

    Just as your word to us on Sunday, this post is so simple yet so profound, and so beautiful .You are such a blessing to us David.

  3. Joe James says:


    Enjoy the journey as much as the thought of the destination.

    I struggled with this kind of thinking for a while. I started to see that it is a VERY common thing amongst our group of churches. We’re taught about having a ‘Word’ over our life but we’re taught very little on enjoying the journey, we deal alot with ‘Prophetic’ but little with the ‘Present’.

    Also (and this is a by-product of having such a great teaching on destiny) we have so many men and women who can preach, teach, serve etc but not enough opporunities TO do the things that we’re good at. I don’t know the answer to that problem.

    This really does break my heart to see so many men, and women, who are frustrated in their identity. It is a lie of the devil that I feel has infiltrated the church in that we always look at what we DON’T HAVE instead of the truth of scripture that tells us we HAVE everything we need to live a godly life.

    For the first time in my Christian life I am content. I had to make a choice just to be content at where I am and not try to force the birth of the things which God has for me. I also had to realise that my identity is not in what I CAN DO but what CHRIST HAS MADE ME. That took tears.

    John 15 saved my sanity.

    Dave we’re not in a ‘Performance’ church but a church hallmarked by His ‘Presence’. Contentment abounds.


  4. Chris Negron says:

    Great post Dave. I think many of us struggle with the same things. I was blessed to have read this post. Thanks. -Chris Negron

  5. Marcos says:

    Thanks for your insight in this post!!!

  6. Joelyn says:

    Hiya David. This is an amazing post. This post really hit me like a ton of bricks. Over the last several weeks, I have really been questioning myself on how much is enough. At what level am I ever going to be satisfied? God’s love truly is more than enough. Thank you so much for this post! Have a blessed weekend!

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