Fantasy Footbally Frenzy

It’s begun……badly for me anyway but ‘The Only Way is Up’ so everything looks good for the future. I’ve added a FF page, just click the ‘Fantasy Football’ tab at the top and I’ll post latest standings etc. Enjoy…..


4 Responses to Fantasy Footbally Frenzy

  1. Hey Dave,

    The Fantasy Football FF page is really nice with the intro you did about the teams and managers. This will surely bring out the fun in the league as each manager shuffle their selection to assemble the winning team.

  2. James Palmer says:

    It could be worse – my fantasy fottball team was on -16 after the first round of games! Oops!

  3. Jodi Blackham says:

    Hi Dave,
    Been checking your blog on a regular basis as my brother’s is so inactive. Congratulations on expecting your first baby.

    Following your commentry on the fantasy football league Chris and I have both signed up. Any space left in your league for two international challengers?

  4. Hi Dave,
    Great site, I’ve been reading your articles for awhile now, keep it up it’s a blessing. I remember the time you came to our house when you were at college, it was a great weekend.

    Hope you are well, just wondering if we could link our sites. If you could add me to your site and I’ll do the same. I’ve just entered the world of blogging so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    God bless, Jonathan Edwards

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