Wealthy Warrior a go-go!

Actually that should be “…a stay-stay!” 

Just a quick one to give glory to God for His kindness and faithfulness! If you have not met him, this is Akinola (click on his name to see his blog) and he is one of my best friends. Akin has been a part of the church in Pontypridd since he was a student and then went to our Bible School in Cardiff. We wanted him to continue his work with the students in Pontypridd but the Home Office were threatening to send him home as his student visa had expired. Today was his appeal and praise God, the God of the breakthrough, they have happily agreed to let him stay and issue the correct visa so he can work for the church with the students!

Praise God and thank you Jesus for this miracle! Akin has a powerful anointing on his life and at this time in his life he has a real gift with the students and particularly the international students amongst us.

His name Akinola means wealthy warrior – and that is what he is! Much fruit shall come of this and the nations will be well seeded because of this man. All glory to the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings!

P.S – sorry Akin…couldn’t resist the photo of you in the tea cosy!


One Response to Wealthy Warrior a go-go!

  1. Marcos says:

    I praise the Lord for him. He is such a great blessing. Thanks for your post

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