Jaded Christians?

There should be no such thing! I was admiring a plant in our house last night (yes…you heard me correctly but this is in no way a vow to become a gardener!). It’s just a simple plant that sits on the bathroom window sill to bring colour and freshness all who visit our smallest room

And God spoke to me! God is always speaking! I had noticed it before but this time I looked at it and had in mind Roger’s blog from yesterday (click here to have a look…) about being always plugged into the Holy Spirit.

God said to me that we always need to be drenched, filled and overflowing in the Holy Spirit to be who we really are – the light of the world and children of the Most high God! I noticed that, in this hot weather, the soil had become dry and as a result the leaves had curled into themselves and were closing up. It looked dull – jaded even.

Yet after a good drink and some time to really get the moisture into all the roots (or whatever plants do!) the leaves unfolded and spread themselves out but also, as it did this, the leaves returned to their lushest green colour – the plant looked like how it should always look – vibrant!

And God spoke very gently, very simply, “be filled with my Holy Spirit!” And not just sporadic drinks when you get dry but instead live vibrantly in the Lord and drink all the time – keep your roots wet that you would always be able to draw up strength when you need it!

A profound plant! Well, it was created by God after all!


4 Responses to Jaded Christians?

  1. kls says:

    Awesome post! This is so true!!! Holy Spirit comes to infuse us with Lord Jesus’ Life – He helps us to conform to Lord Jesus’ Image…And Lord Jesus is never jaded…He is never faded…He is always vibrant!!!



  2. Donna says:

    I just Googeled “jaded by christians” and your post came up… Reading “Jaded Christians? There should be no such thing!” was not something that really helped me. Here is the honest truth, Christians are jaded…… I know you probably mean well and that you truly have your heart in the right place…but for people like me who have been jaded by other Christians, we do not need to hear that we are wrong for the way that we are feeling. Jesus loved everyone, He saw past what was on the outside and looked into the heart. If you truly do not want Christians to be jaded then you should love them as Christ does and take time to understand them rather then simply dismissing what is happening in their lives as if it is a deficiency on their part.

  3. Dave says:

    Hi Donna,

    Thanks for your post – I wrote that some time ago and had to look again at what I had written after I was emailed your comment. Having taken the time to read your comment and the post again I stand by what I wrote. I’m not dismissing what you said out of hand but I dodn’t write anything about dismissing christians, or not loving them, in fact not once do I say that anyone was wrong. It was a post of honest encouragement as Christ and the Apostle Paul also encouraged us – “be filled with the Holy Spirit.” There is no such thing as a jaded Christian, just a Christian who needs to be filled again with the Holy Ghost.

    Thank you for your comment,


  4. Serafinrodriguez says:

    Thank you Dave for your comment. I too felt jaded but it’s my responsibility to draw nearer to the lord. Yes I can blame others but it all starts within me. People will fail you but Christ will neve fail you.

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