Is time on my side?

It depends who you listen to. The Rolling Stones tell me it is but yesterday an article on the BBC website (from the people who collate the Oxford English Dictionary) said that in the past year the most commonly used or popular 'noun' was the word 'time'

They were quick to add (in a radio interview) that this was because of phrases such as 'better luck next time' or even 'well it's about time' that it had soared up the rankings. But a further look at the list showed the word 'Year' at number 3 and the 'day' at number 5. It just seems to me that 'time', the use of time or the 'lack of time', is more of an issue today than it has ever been.

And everyone is busy: I'm busy! Everyone's rushing and racing to be everywhere and do everything….but it shouldn't be like that! The Bible continues to address every current trend despite the fact that it was written hundreds of years ago. It is never out-of-date, never old-fashioned but rather it remains current and with a relevant voice to address any present-day topicincluding that of time!

The Old Testament sets out right at the beginning that it's good for men and women to take a rest, take a day off from working. There were to be fixed periods of time where farmers were NOT to farm so that the land could have rest but also so the people would not burn out: God knew what he was doing.

So learn to take a break – when you get a rest, a chance to get away, grab it with both hands because we all need time to relax otherwise we'll burn out and the best of life will pass us by.

And on that bombshell….no blogging for a week – Zoe and I are going away for a week on holiday, see you soon!  


One Response to Is time on my side?

  1. marcos says:

    Amen. Have fun!!


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