A Great Expectation…

Some great news, Zoe and I are expecting a baby!

12 weeks in and all is well and we're believing for a great pregnancy and birth and a beautiful healthy baby!


13 Responses to A Great Expectation…

  1. Whoo hoo – oh yeah!! Looking forward with great expectation with you guys. Great news and may I say Dave for 12 weeks you are looking really good still!
    At last a chance to return all those favours you did me suggesting names. Now, where shall we start? Thor II? Hezekiah? maybe Jack?? or for a girl how about Gertrude? Not enough gertrude’s around I reckon and we could call her “Gerty” for short! In the nicest sense, let the “name calling” continue!
    Seriously though – all the coopers are thrilled for you here – “Go Team Shutt!!”

  2. Rach, Sam & Noah says:

    Congrats Dave and Zoe! That’s excellent news. I’m sure that Coop will continue with the name calling for a long time to come! Have fun with that.

    Praying for a easy pregnancy and a healthy baby!

    God Bless,

    Rach, Sam and Noah in sunnyish Leicester!!

    p.s. have had to stray onto your blog as Coops is so rubbish at updating his! 😉

  3. James & Heidi says:

    That’s fantastic news, Congratulations!!
    We’re so happy for you.
    Look forward to being new parents with you.

    love from James, Heidi and Baby Hod xxx

  4. Joe James says:

    Great news.

    Having kids is one of the best things EVER (our daughter is 2 weeks old tomorrow). I LOVE BEING A FATHER and I’m sure you will too, and Zoe being a mother.

    God Bless you both and we’ll be praying.
    Joe & Bethany

  5. Roger Aubrey says:

    Really, really, really really blessed to hear the news! Roger & Dianne

  6. Olive says:

    Wow !!!!!!What wonderful news !!!!!! What wonderful parents you are going to make . It occurred to me yesterday David ; you seemed to have that extra glint in your eye !! Continue to be very blessed . Our love to both of you . Don and Olive .

  7. Congratulations! Wonderful news – even better to have been able to congratulate you in person. Every blessing to you all.

  8. Gordon Blake says:

    Hey guys that’s great news congratulations…..Dave you’re going to be a dad aaagghhh.
    It’s great you’ll love it, we’ve only got 9 or 10 weeks left, baby number 2.

    By the way thanks for the card, catch you soon.

    I take it Anakin is out, what about Padme, tee hee.

  9. Great and fantastic news guys (Dad & Mum-to-be). I am excited and thrilled for Zoe & you as you play your part in fulfilling that great command in Genesis 1:28.

    Your great expectation of a great pregnancy and the birth of a healthy baby shall be fulfilled. In the Name of Jesus. Amen.

    Hearty Congrats.

  10. Congratulations! This is fantastic news! Now ‘dancing in the moonlight’ will become a three part harmony! Well done Dave and Zoe! The pregnancy will be just great! God will take care of everything, you guys just continue to obey him and keep His Kingdom first! Everything else will just naturally and smoothly be added to you guys! -Chris, Damaris, Angelica, and Joanalise Negron

  11. Gavin White says:

    Praise God – Great News – Lots of Love Gavin, Rachel and Daniel White

  12. Andrew & Karen Coe says:

    That is absolutey fantastic new!!! I totally agree with Joe James. Arran, Rhys, Jamie and Caitlin are such incredible gifts from God! There is just nothing quite like being a father or a mother.

    God bless all three of you and give Zoe a pregnancy in full vibrant health, as only Jesus can guarantee.

    We’re soooo happy for you guys

    Andrew & Karen

  13. Tony & Patricia says:

    So my lovely wife phones you up on Sunday and you say nothing!!!!!!!!!! Seriously guys, we’re over the moon for you both and will pray often for health and more health for you three! Just you wait till we see you though…….! All our love, Tony Patricia & Elliot.

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