What speaks to you…

A blog to follow up from "Who's Driving?" posted a couple of days ago. There are many songs that speak to me about my Christian Life and they don't have to be "Christian" songs that we might sing in church or recorded by Christian artists. Roger's comment got me thinking – not a country fan but a nice song that can speak to a person. So it got me thinking as to what secular songs or artists that you listen to speak to you and encourage you in your faith? It doesn't even have to be a whole song, it can just be a refrain or a chorus. I've started off with a few from the top of my head. These are some of my favourites…what are yours?

  • Jesus Take The WheelCarrie Underwood
  • Hold My HandHootie and The Blowfish
  • Standing Outside the FireGarth Brooks
  • Beautiful DayU2
  • I Believe I Can FlyR Kelly
  • The Living YearsMike & The Mechanics




One Response to What speaks to you…

  1. Jon Mills says:

    Well Im a big fan of U2s stuff… there are tons of songs they have done that inspire me, I personally like movie anthems aswell from movies like braveheart

    So too many songs to pick one 🙂

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