Summer Loving…

Hi everyone! Well what a fantastic weekend and what a great wedding! The sun was out, the Bride looked beautiful and the groom dashing. It was a lovely time down in Plymouth and a great time to catch up with (extended) family and celebrate with Matthew and Gemma

Here are just a few pictures from the wedding day itself. This is also a great opportunity for me to introduce you to my extended family. I'm really blessed to have married into a wonderful and caring family. John and Tina (Zoe's father and mother) have made me feel very welcome and a part of their home whilst Gemma and Matthew (sister-in-law and her new hubby!) are just as friendly and kind towards me….although they are both just a bit mad, but totally in a fun way haha!

And then there are the aunts and the uncles and the cousins (long line pictured below) who all accepted me from day one which has been a real blessing to me. It can be nerve racking going to a wedding when your wife is a bridesmaid and not always going to be with you…suddenly you're on your own and you don't know too many faces. BUT that was not the case this weekend as I was made to feel like I had been a part of the whole family for far longer than I have been – a testimony to the kind nature of my extended family!

I'll get blogging proper again soon so watch this space…although don't feel obliged to do so haha.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures and meet my new family!


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