I LOVE things that make me laugh!

I like laughing – Zoe and I do a lot of it! In fact Zoe cracks me up reguarly and is my favourite funny person! But here we are on the world wide web and one of the best mediums to raise a smile and crack a laugh are still pictures. Sure, videos are ok but I prefer a single snapshot so I can add my own sounds etc.

Whether it's a cat stuck in glass ("Hello….um….hello? I have a situation here…hello?") or a cat jumping on another cat and scaring the life out of it (Look out belooooooowwwww…..) I love pictures….and they don't have to include cats!

I like funny pictures where you don't have to add sounds too because the caption says it all like this one. This cop knows nothing hahahaha:


But my favourite funny photo right now is just below. "Why?" I hear you ask – because I hear a single sound in the silence of the auditorium as contact is made……


Sure…I'm having a giggle at someone elses misfortune…I apologise if that offends youbut it just makes me laugh and sometimes that is all we can do!

Have a funny weekend!


One Response to I LOVE things that make me laugh!

  1. marcos says:

    He, he 🙂


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