God on the move in Pontypridd…

Last night we had the honour of welcoming Keri Jones to Pontypridd to bring us the word of the Lord. We recoginse Keri as the Apostlic oversight to All Nations Church, of whom we are a part, and also as a father and a friend – one who is totally for us and wants to see us succeed

It was our largest turnout to date on a Sunday evening with just over 50 in the hall – time to get more chairs out as God is on the move! It was a great problem to have – people fetching more chairs as there was insufficient already set out!

I'm so grateful to the grace of God that he allows us to have success and that He remains faithful to his word that He will give us "every place we set our foot". In September of last year (9 months ago or so) a God inspired shaking of the group took place and there were less than 10 of us – but 10 in faith for great things. God has blessed us and even last night where little things threatened to distract us (guitar problems, word-projection difficulties and people lost in the one-way maze that is Trefforest…) we had a great time and the Word of God came to encourage us to be all, 100% for the Lord – not neutral, not 'nearly', not 'almost'.

And then Nathan, a young man who had come for the first time did just that – he gave his all to Christ, he gave his life to Jesus! Thank you Lord! Thank you for saving his life, thank you for acknowledging him before the Father!

Make sure you have a look at Akinola's blog for more about last night and what Keri shared on – he's done such a good job it's better for me to send you there than write it all out again haha!

Hallelujah! God is on the move!


One Response to God on the move in Pontypridd…

  1. Gavin White says:

    Praise God – Great to here of people responding to the Gospel – Fantastic

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