Job 38:22 – the treasury of hail!

We were very nearly late to our midweek group last night – I know…me, nearly lateunthinkable! The reason for our later than normal departure time was an almighty hail storm with full surround sound, THX, sub-woofer thunder to go with it.

As we eventually got to the car and started driving Zoe said that it reminded her of a verse in Job…

The verse says this Job 38:22 (NLT): "Have you entered the treasuries of the snow, or have you seen the treasuries of the hail?" Here God is addressing Job on his majesty and magnificence. But last night we figured out where the treasury of hail actually is…it's in Pontypridd!

It really was quite intense. I've never seen hail that big at least not sustained for so long a period of time. Some were the same size as a 10 pence piece (maybe a little smaller than the good old 'quarter' or 25c coin for our American friends – that according to this website haha) It just kept coming and sadly many of Zoe's tulips were merely empty stalks come sunrise this morning.

You know the hail is big when you can photo it coming down against the sky


Ok…so on the photos it doesn't look that bad, and those who have actually suffered more extreme weather than we're used to here in Wales are laughing their heads off…but it was pretty wild stuff!

But well done to the 24 who still ventured out and made it to our mid week gathering – it was a great time continuing our look at the aspects of love from 1 Corinthians 13.

Last night Sharon Holland did fantastic taking us through "…is not self seeking." A real practical element to put Christ first, others second and ourselves lastto become servants of all. And it's when we're servants of all that we actually find ourselves in the best possible place to be changed by Jesus! By the grace of God that's what serving is; a contact-point for our faith to receive blessing.

Today's encouragement then, put Jesus first! Bless your brothers and sisters second and become the servant of all.

And if anyone has any spare flowers…

…we now have room for some more  🙂


One Response to Job 38:22 – the treasury of hail!

  1. marcos says:

    Amen. We need to put Jesus first. —I will try to get some flowers to you 🙂 That was good size Hail. Let me know when the locusts start flying over head!


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