Mind your mind

It was our great privilege to have Roger and Dianne Aubrey with us in Pontypridd on Sunday evening. Now, you don't invite Roger Aubrey for the sake of it or to give him something to do – you invite Roger because you want to grow in the things of God! This is why he came. That is what we did. Specifically Roger was asked to come to lay again the foundation of why we need the Holy Spirit and to encourage us to step out in new gifts

As Roger spoke about why it was better for us all that Jesus went to the Father (you can read the passage in John 14, centering on verse 12) he began to talk about our minds and how until we begin to speak in tongues, every thought and action has come through the filter of our mind. However, when we speak in tongues our mind are taken out of the link as our spirit communicates with God directly. That's why speaking in tongues is for today and is for every believer. It's not an academic exercise. It's not an 'extra' for theologians to argue about – remember that the Apostle Paul was one of the most intelligent men and admired scholars of his day and he spoke in tongues more than anyone!

Roger began to call forth gifts in people – this was challenging for us all and there was some reluctance to do this – and the Holy Spirit told me that "my mind must become subject to my spirit."

"My Mind must become subject to my spirit"

If I want to move in the gifts of the Holy Spirit, if I want to be open and obedient to Jesus, if I want to act on the whisper of God and achieve great things for His glory – then I've got to stop trying to figure it out. I need to mind my mind and keep it subject to the Spirit that is within me. I need to step out in faith and say to God – "you said it, so I believe it!" That's what faith is.

Stop reasoning. Stop calculating. Stop hesitating. Stop justifying. Stop dialoguing. Stop rationalising.

Start talking. Start stepping out. Start moving. Start increasing. Start loving. Start prophesying. Start living as I am called to live.

The great thing was that as we all spoke in tongues, not one of us felt worse for having done so but rather we told Roger that some felt strengthened, that God whispered realities into people's hearts, that problems became clear. And for those who stepped out and moved in a new gift for the first time – they all felt fantastic as they took another step forward in trusting in and living for Jesus! God spoke to us through the gift of prophecy, through the gifts of a public message in tongues and the interpretation of that tongue. One lady stepped out to move in a new gift and as she did so, God sovereignly healed her of back trouble that she had had for over 6 weeks! Hallelujah!

So today's encouragementspeak in tongues more and more! Attune your spirit to God's own and step out in what he wants you to do.

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One Response to Mind your mind

  1. Roger says:

    Thanks Dave, it was really good to be with you guys and to see people brave enough to step out and move in the wonderful gifts of the Spirit. Keep up the good work.

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