The Gospel Show Tonight!


Oh yes my friends it's back and better than ever before. This Friday the 28th at 10pm until midnight, join Jonathan Cooper and myself for another great edition of 'The Gospel Show' on GTFM 106.9fm

What's your time Zone? Tune in at:

3pm Los Angeles, 5pm Chicago, 6pm New York, 

10pm UK, Midnight Norway, 4am India

Many of you will have heard of The Gospel Show (either you've listened or have been nagged into listening by persistent emails around the time of a show) but for those of you who haven't allow me give to you a brief summary. GTFM runs from the University of Glamorgan. As part of their broadcasting schedule they have a section called 'Limelight' where they give the slot over to a diverse range of shows – one of those being, The Gospel Show.

TGS came about because Jon Cooperasked the station manager (who's not a Christian) if he could do one and pitched to him what the show would include – the rest is history and ever since then Jon and I have, with no training but lots of enthusiasm, taken to the airwaves to celebrate the goodness of God through the contemporary Christian music scene. Just goes to show you if you don't ask, you don't receive. Well done Jon!

We really believe that we make a difference – there's no point or time to do anything unless we believe in what we're doing. God has opened a door and while it is open we are given ourselves 100% to it and want to produce the best show we can – and hey, it's great fun too.

So why not tune in and listen? If you're in the area you can tune in to 106.9FM or if you have the Internet (which if you're reading this means…you do) you can go to and click on 'Listen Live' to hear us.

Why not get in touch with us during the show, make requests, give a testimony, join in discussions…it's a show for you! Why not leave a request, dedication or a testimony as a comment below and we'll read them out live on air?

Hope you can tune in!


2 Responses to The Gospel Show Tonight!

  1. Roger says:

    Have a great show lads. What about Lean on Me by Bill Withers?

  2. marcos says:

    Hey Dave,

    Check out Chris Negron’s site. I think you will enjoy it.

    Blessings, Marcos

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