…after time, after time, after time…

I find that God will speak to me about 'something' over a period of time and repeat it until I really begin to grasp it. I think that's an aspect of his grace towards. He's not a bad schoolteacher who says something once and if you miss it then it's just tough luck! He is kind and generous towards us and even when we forget things or lose sight He is slow to anger and rich in love…

For the past few weeks God has been weaving together in me a tapestry from his word. That's not to sound all 'flouncy' and sensational but that is how it feels – as though God has been taken different threads from the Bible and in joining them and combining them I can now see what the whole picture is. If the creative minds in Bayeux said they were going to make a tapestry to show the whole picture of the battle of Hastings and gave you a thread, or a few threads but not joined together – you just wouldn't see what they were trying to show you. But when they take all those threads and join them together so you can see the whole….then you can understand and take in the big picture.

That is what I believe God does with us. That is what God has been doing with me. A strand of 1 Corinthians 13, some filament of the life of David the Shepherd King, the threads of parables from Luke 15, the fibre of the life and example of Jesus Christ….and God weaves them together to show me His tapestry.

And God has simply been showing me that He stands over all of us as the Good Shepherd. That was a description of Jesus that I thought just very religious and traditional and of very little relevance to me today (probably because, out of pride, I thought I was a competent sheep). But He watches over us, counting us in, knowing our names, tending to us, keeping us safe, driving away and destroying those who would come to harm us, leading us in green pastures, allowing us to rest when tired, but always taking us on and on. I'm beginning to see the whole and it is a wonderful truth and my encouragement to you is if you feel lost, beaten, tired, thirsty – know that the Good Shepherd is watching over you and all you have to do is cry out and He will hear you. He will 'find' you.

One last thing that God showed me to draw me back to his tapestry – a soundtrack. I really like the voice and recordings of Eva Cassidy and yesterday I was listening to her album 'Time After Time' and her cover of the Cindy Lauper song of the same name. And through her voice, singing someone elses lyrics, on my stereo, God spoke his words over me again and gave his rich tapestry even more depth. Hear what Jesus sings over us all…

"If you're lost, you can look – and you will find me

Time after time

If you fall I will catch you – I'll be waiting

Time after time."


One Response to …after time, after time, after time…

  1. Shirley says:

    Love your site. I’m fairly new to blogging, but am enjoying it tremendously.

    Many people have the very mistaken idea that God is a tyrant, ready to strike us down at the moment of any indiscretion on our part. God is not like that. He is loving and kind, and wants us to be saved.

    However, I come from a conservative background and believe that how we act, look, and think is very important. Grace is not sloppy, and does not permit us to act in ungodly ways. Help us all to find the right balance, for balance in life is everything.

    Hope you will like reading my blog.

    Blessings to you and your family.


    (PS about babies! Just found out yesterday, I’ll be having my 6th great-grandchild in a few months. Wonderful news.)

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