1 John 4:19…Jesus finds!

It was Zoe's birthday recently and some friends of ours bought her the new album by Kelly Clarkson entitled "Breakaway". I have to admit that I have been listening to more than Zoe, I think it's great and I would recommend it to a friend and hey, that means you!

But as I was listening to it yesterday a lyric jumped out to me from one of the songs and God spoke to me through it. I like the fact that God is always speaking, always calling out, always encouraging us – we just need to be listening.

The lyric was the first line of the chorus from the song 'You Found Me'

The line says this: "You found me, when no one else was looking"

That was it.

And from that I was just so glad to know that God found me, that God was looking out for me because, as it hit me yesterday – NO ONE ELSE WAS!

No one or nothing else was looking out for my eternal well being, looking out for my soul, looking out for my future – but God was. He was concerned about me, He wanted the best for me, He wanted to see me saved.

Even more than that – God actively pursued me! He made it his business to come after me like the lost sheep I was and like the Good shepherd he is! (Luke 15) Perhaps it's an error in our Christian vocabulary – 'the day I was saved, the day I met Jesus'; I understand what is meant by that but the truth is Jesus found me and if he hadn't have found me I would still be lost today.

Jesus found me when no one else was looking! The Bible says in 1 John 4:19 that we only love because God loved us first! John 3:16 says "For God so loved the world" – it was God's first move! It was God's initiative to send Jesus to the cross, it was God's love that sent the Holy Spirit to empower us. We didn't cry out to God and he responded (although God does answer our prayers!) but God had moved first to bring us to a place where we would be found by himnothing was out of his control or his knowledge.

That's why we can be encouraged at all times that there is a purpose and a plan to what is happening – because God is in control. That's why if you feel discouraged or you feel that your walk with God is not what it was or what it should be that you can change it all in a second by stop striving and let yourself be found all over again!

God saved me. He found me when no one else was looking and for that I am eternally grateful!


4 Responses to 1 John 4:19…Jesus finds!

  1. Olive says:

    What a beautiful testimony to the love of God ; to the goodness of God ; to the grace of God . I too am sooooo grateful that God took the initiative ; found me , loved me and saved me . Iam so grateful that he is still in control of my life , that whatever situation I find myself in ; gives me opportunity to grow in him : For we know that in all things , God works for the good of those who love him , and are called to his purposes.
    This is a lovely web sight David , keep blogging .

  2. Dave,
    A request from a busy blogger… can you change your rss feed to output the full text of your posts? Pretty please?

  3. Dave Shutt says:

    No Problem Chris!


  4. Many thanks, Dave.

    Really enjoying your blog by the way. I love the way you get under the surface of the bible accounts and pull out deep truths — a man after my own heart!

    I particularly liked what you said about Jephthah. This is a guy I have mused on myself many a time. His sacrifice in particular struck me, and like you I have looked past the initial (obvious) conclusion about the rash vow.

    Here was a man who honoured his word so highly that he was prepared to sacrifice his only begotten in order to keep it …reminds me of someone else… I’m also stuck by the contrast of the sacrifice that took away the virgin that would never marry, and the sacrifice that brings forth the bride….

    Every blessing,

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