Judges: Mr One Verse…

Don’t you just love the Judges? Othniel, Samson, Gideon, Deborah, Jephthah – they’re the ones that perhaps spring first into our minds because the book of Judges gives them a fair amount of space in this period of Israel’s history. But what about the rest? What about those men who led Israel but we know very little about – what is there to learn from them? Let me introduce you to one of these men who I’ve dubbed Mr One Verse – Elon…

Judges 12:11 “After him, Elon the Zebulunite led Israel ten years.”

That’s all that is described of the life and rule of Elon the Judge. That’s it. The next verse simply tells us that he died and was buried. Again…that’s it.

This is Elon the Judge of Israel, whom God raised up; Elon whom the spirit of the Lord came upon; Elon who was God’s answer to the people’s cries to save them from oppression from the enemy…and what does he get? One verse. 1. Hence, I know him as: Mr One Verse.

And the great thing is that this one verse tells me so much about Elon. It tells me all about his character, it tells me all about his love for the Lord and his faithfulness. How does it do that? Because God choose him. God saw fit to use him. When Israel had fallen far from God, turned away to fertility Gods and other idols, in that time of crisis there was a man called Elon who God saw fit and available to lead his people away from oppression and back towards their true King – the Eternal God.

I’m very much a fan of Mr One Verse.

You see, we’ve all heard of a Charles Wesley. We’ve all surely heard of Billy Graham and Reinhardt Bonke. But maybe you’ve never heard of Patricia Dibble. Maybe you’ve never heard of Ayo Rotibi. And that’s precisely my point, just as you’ve surely heard of Gideon and Samson but never given much thought to Elon and Tola.

This serves to encourage me and hope you as well. It matters not whether God raises you or I up to be the next Gideon or Billy Graham – he might do, you might be made known to the thousands and millions. Yet equally we might be raised up as a Patricia or an Elon, known to and by the few. The lesson is this: let God use you how He sees fit.

I like Elon for this simple reason; I know very little about him but do I know that at the time of asking, he made himself available to the Lord to be used for the Lord’s glory and not to worry about his own station.

If God uses you to reach the masses or your next door neighbour – let God find you available. It’s often quoted and perhaps become cliched but nevertheless it remains true – the only ability that God really needs is availability.

Oh to be found faithful by God! Oh to be considered as one who God knows he can turn to, to be trusted to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Then we will all be seen together: Abraham, Moses, Gideon, Samson, Tola, Elon, Patricia Dibble, Ayo Rotibi – and God will say to us allwell done my good and faithful servant.”


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