Judges: The considered Word…

I love the book of Judges. I completed my cover for Dr. Aubrey of teaching at the All Nations Church Bible study last Sunday and it was great to be with the people of God and to see people challenged by the Word of God. As well as an overview of this particularly dark period in the history of Israel I was able to give some food for thought, some fresh insight (I trust) into the life and character of the Judges. I thought this week I would share a few with you and I’ll start with Ehud the Judge who you can read about in Judges chapter 3

Ehud had a secret message to the evil ruler of Moab, king Eglon. It certainly wasn’t the message king Eglon would have expected – no note, no whisper in the ear but instead a sharp double-edged sword embedded in the gut of the oversized ‘monarch’.

We know that a sharp double-edged sword is a metaphor for the Word of God – the picture reoccurs throughout the scriptures: Hebrews 4:16 describes the beautiful word of God as “living and powerful, sharper than any two edged sword…” whilst Revelation 1 presents a blinding picture of our King and Christ with a “sharp two-edged sword” coming from his mouth.

What I like about this moment with Ehud is that it proves categorically that the Word of God gets to the heart of the problem and if you apply it to the root, take it to heart, to the deepest part of your life and wrap yourself around it – then the problems and circumstance will be as dead.

But whilst studying for Sunday I read a comment that Ehud was the Son of Gera the Benjamite and that one definition of Gera was to ‘chew the cud’ or to meditate. This just show us that if we want to bring the effective word of the Lord then we can only do so when we have come from a place of meditation and chewing the cud of the Word of God.

I want to bring, as Ehud did, the considered word of the Lord. I want to speak life and bring words that always penetrate deep into people’s lives. I’m sure that this is the cry of your own heart. Let us chew the cud of the Word of God, meditate, digest and be so full of it that out of the overflow of our hearts (Luke 6:45) our mouths will speak.

If you want to more about how to mediate on the Word of God, click here to go to a great Teaching by Roger Aubrey from All Nations Church.


2 Responses to Judges: The considered Word…

  1. Olive says:

    Hi David , I loved what you brought to us on Sunday morning from Judges , as always with these sun. morning teachings ; I knew I was being added to and stirred in my own personal walk with god , and again I love this post on Ehud . To be so full of Gods word and sharpened to bring life , blessing and resolve to situations !! Amen

  2. Roger says:

    Hi Dave: thanks for taking part in the Bible study programme – lots more for you to do yet!

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