Because sometimes you want a Red Le Creuset Kettle…

Morning friends! We had a great time last night at our midweek group (every Wednesday 7:30pm, Saron Chapel Lounge). I decided that we take a break from the study on aspects of love for a week just to come and enjoy the presence of God in worship, praise and prayer. It truly was a great time in God’s presence. We started with people just feeding back of the good things God is doing in our livestestimonies of jobs, financial blessings….a red le creuset kettle…

Actually the testimony from Gabrielle went a bit like this: “God just blessed me with a new kettle, actually it was a lovely red kettle…and if you know what one is, it was actually a really nice red le creuset kettle

So why mention this particular testimony? Well I believe that when we come together there is an order in the things of God, He has an agenda, He wants to achieve specific things amongst his people and more often than not when I look back at a time, such as last night, I find that there is great symmetry to what God is doing. So often I have found that God starts with something in seed form and by the end of the gathering we finish with that seed having grown in us all and producing the fruit of good confession.

Gabrielle simply shared a blessing of God. But then in the worship God spoke to us powerfully. First through Daniels – see your problems and breakthroughs as small, as the sand and you will see them come to pass as you continue to praise. Then Adrian brought a word about the words that we speak are creative and we can speak into situations and call things into being in faith!

And that’s where we ended, by the prompting of the Spirit, calling on God for specifics and thanking God that it is already done – healings for friends, salvation for loved ones, jobs and families. It was great and I know that God heard every prayer because faith was in the hearts of everyone there.

And that’s where we finished, chomping on the fruit of the seed that God had sown at the start of our time together!

Today’s encouragement then, be specific in what you pray for.

Name names before the Throne of God!

Name needs before His throne of grace!

You see, we have a God who longs to be compassionate towards us (Isa 30:18) so we can go in the manner he wants us to come in – with specifics.

So be specific when you pray. Because sometimes, all you really want, is a red Le Creuset kettle.


4 Responses to Because sometimes you want a Red Le Creuset Kettle…

  1. Anna says:

    i completely agree! thats so true because sometimes we end up praying general prayers all the times but specific prayers give us more reason to praise Him when he provides.
    and hey! the sunday bible study was great!! i particularly loved the invasion music!

  2. Rusty says:

    Mr. Shutt…where are you? How are you? Shoot me over an email when you have a chance. Would love to hear how God is moving in your life! Cheers.

  3. Tim and Cerys Wood says:

    Dave! Just thought we would drop a line to say Hello! We remembered tonight the days (Narborough) when you visited our house (musicians/homegroup) and had us in stitches laughing at the end of the evenings when you stayed for late night supper! Whatever you do, don’t lose that humour/wit! We send our love to you and your lovely Zoe.

    Tim and Cerys Wood

  4. Dave says:

    Hi Tim & Cerys,

    Haha, I remember that night. Didn’t it revolve around somehow talking about those shop mobility motorised scooters? I just remember Gordon, you guys and myself laughing and crying a lot. Hope you’re all well, great to hear from you. Stay in touch!


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