Judges 3:26 – Passing the idols…


Last Sunday it was my great privilege to cover for Roger Aubrey teaching at the All Nations Church Bible Study. We have embarked on an overview of every book of the Bible and then we will re-visit books, themes and characters. Last Sunday we looked at the book of Joshua, this Sunday I will be teaching on the book of Judges! This week then much of my thought and reading has gone into Judges and this morning I read a verse I have never seen before…

Does that happen to you as well? You may have read a passage a number of times and just when you think you know a passage – BLAM! out of the blue, a nugget, revelation and God speaks to you. I love that the Word of God is constantly new and fresh.

The verse comes near the end of the account of Ehud (the left handed man – great detail!). Ehud has killed Eglon King of Moab and is making his escape (while the guards are embarrassed to go in because they think Eglon is on the loo!). The verse says this:

v26 “While they waited, Ehud got away. He passed by the idols and escaped to Seirah.”

I’ve always liked Ehud. I like him even more now. And all because he passed by the idols. While other judges seem to have their flaws (I’m not knocking those that appear in Hebrews Ch 11 Hall of fame by the way) Ehud just kept going and going.

He went past the idols. He didn’t become distracted. He didn’t yield to temptation. He didn’t let his guard down. After a great act for the Lord he didn’t become all high and mighty, he didn’t let it go to his head.

It would have been very easy to think that he was invincible and could stop running now that the good act was done, now that the sermon had been preached, the prophecy had been delivered, the sick had been healed, the lost become saved….but we, as Ehud, must not stop running lest we become distracted by idols, things that will take our attention and focus away from God.

So today’s encouragement – don’t stop running but keep on passing the idols leave them in your wake with your eyes fixed firmly on Jesus Christ!



6 Responses to Judges 3:26 – Passing the idols…

  1. Great revelation, Dave! Yes, this happens to me a lot! These “BLAM!” moments are what we should expect every time we come to the word of God. It’s why I never find reading the word boring; it’s still as exciting as when I read it for the first time! Just over the page could be a fresh revelation from the Lord of glory…

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