All I want to say….

…is, Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife and best friend Zoe!

That’s it, that’s my blog, can’t think of anything better to write about! I’m so grateful to God for allowing Zoe and I to meet, fall in love and get married – she’s absolutley the best, ever!



3 Responses to All I want to say….

  1. Gavin White says:

    Happy Birthday Zoe – Hope Dave cooks you a nice meal!!!

    God Bless, Gavin, Rachel and Daniel White

  2. Dave says:

    Gav, I want Zoe to have a good birthdau meal….therefore it’s better that I let a professional chef do the cooking. 🙂

  3. And didn’t that chef do well! Was wonderful to share in the celebrations and enjoy a meal with you last night. Happy Birthday Zoe, it’s great having you as a friend and being in this family of God together. With our love – Jonathan, Sarah, Josiah and Mini C II

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