Patience. Be patient…

Haha, so I didn’t blog yesterday and ironically I received a larger number of hits to the site than I usually do – made me think, I hope you were patient with me. Even if you checked back more than once I trust you remained calm. I’m sure you did – it’s only a blog for goodness sake. But it reminded me of what we looked at in our midweek group on Wednesday. This weeks facet of our study on ‘love’patience

It was harder to define and describe ‘patience’ than I thought it would be. We all found it hard because patience, to be patient, is sort of self defining – you’re just patient. Ironically the longer we took over discussing it, the less patient we all became. There are many aspects of patience but we were looking primarily at patience in respect of loving one another. (By the way, the Chinese symbol is their symbol for patience.)

But I just thought I would share one of the main things that stood out for me that came from Akinola – a great man of God. He described patience, between and for one another, as being the difference between tolerating and accommodating. Not just tolerating a person and pretending to listen but accommodating them, embracing their words and letting them know that they are valued. That really struck a chord with me.

I have been guilty of this in the past and I’m sure we all have – perhaps just giving people the minimum time to say something so we can jump in as quick as possible to blow them away with our point of view. That is the wrong way. That is not patience. But it doesn’t always seem the easiest thing to do and perhaps that’s why there seems to be a link between the words patience, perseverance, enduring and long-suffering in the New Testament haha. Depends on your translation.

If we love one another, we will be patient with one another. Let’s hear one another out, truly listen and take an interest in that person. Ayo (another great man of God) summed it up this way on Wednesday – patience is reflecting before acting. Considering at all times, what would Jesus’ response be? Let us do the same. Oh if we could love one another as Jesus loved us.

The great news is that if we lack patience we can ask the Holy Spirit to help us – and that’s what we did on Wednesday, called on God to anoint us – but not for ‘patience’, but with the Holy Spirit because if we receive the Holy Spirit than the fruit of the Spirit (of which patience is a part) will work its way out in our lives.



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