A Complete Puzzle…


Following on from the ‘Chicken Sandwich Principle’ I felt to add another blog from what Chandrakant spoke on. He spoke on four things: love, obedience, the Holy Spirit and working to God’s strategy. It’s a complete picture – every piece accounted for. The closer you look at them they’re all actually connected and dependent on one another… 


If we love, we will obey and true and constant obedience can only be born out of a genuine love for people. We need the Holy Spirit, long to move in the gifts of the Spirit but to do so takes obedience and that is nurtured by a loving relationship with Jesus. To live and move in the Holy Spirit is to work in and be obedient to God’s strategy; can we really take any of these four things in isolation? 

  • Can I love but not obey
  • Can I obey without the Holy Spirit?  
  • Can I work in God’s strategy without obedience to the Holy Spirit?  
  • Can I obey the Holy Spirit without love?  
  • Can I love the ways of God’s strategy but not obey it?  

Such a beautiful mystery. So much of God’s nature is like this – interconnected, dependent on different parts – the co-dependent nature of Trinity, the church working as a body.  How these four have ever been separated out I will never know; it all interlocks

To people who don’t know God it will remain a complete puzzle

To those of us who do know and are growing in God – it will forever be intact, whole; a ‘Complete’ puzzle.






3 Responses to A Complete Puzzle…

  1. Olive says:

    Love it !! thankyou David for being obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and sharing this post .

  2. Gavin White says:

    That’s so true dave, it’s similar to how we have to take the full picture and message of the Bible into consideration and apply all of it to our lives – we can’t pick and choose bits in isolation. The whole message of who God is and what he is doing in and through his people is really exciting!

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