The Chicken Sandwich Principle…

Last night Pontypridd had the privilege of welcoming Chandrakant Chavada amongst us. (Read his blog from the link on the right side of this page.) We welcomed Chandrakant as an Apostle of Jesus Christ knowing that he would bring a word that was foundational to all of our lives on which we would be able to build – that is what wise master-builders do… 

Chandrakant was a real blessing to us. His words were simple yet powerful. He gave us four things that we must have in place if we want to see in the West what we read is happening in the East. He spoke of love, obedience, the Holy Spirit, and working to the strategy of God; I shall take them up over the coming days.Today I want to mention something that Chandrakant said last night and to help us remember it, I’ve coined it ‘the Chicken Sandwich Principle’. A few years ago, Chandrakant was at a meeting in the north of England and then had to travel to the south with no time to eat before he left so he decided to get a sandwich for the journey. He found a supermarket and asked an assistant where he might buy a chicken sandwich

“Well…. what kind of chicken sandwich do you want?” 

“I just want a chicken sandwich” 

“Sir, we have 150 varieties of chicken sandwiches, which would you like.” 

Chandrakant made the point that we are used to too much choice in the West. We have everything, and that is not always a help to us. You see, he told us, “Obedience, is obedience – not choice”. 

God says: “I want you to talk to that person.” Obedience does it. Obedience agrees with it. Obedience makes God’s decision our decision. If God says, go and talk to that person, we mustn’t choose how we do it, when we do it, or begin to reason with God that we’re right and He’s wrong and that actually we shouldn’t talk to that person at all. Neither must we choose not to because of fear, apathy or lack of compassion. 

Obedience does.

Choice reasons, hesitates and very often does not. 

I don’t mean to be funny but remember the chicken sandwich. That’s all he wanted, two pieces of bread and some chicken – a chicken sandwich! Let God speak to you today, be listening to His voice – and when he speaks, just do what he says, do what he wants. 

Have a great day!




2 Responses to The Chicken Sandwich Principle…

  1. Chris Negron says:

    HESED! David this is a fantastic post! It is profound and practical! And agian we see that after 6 years we can’t shake the word ‘chicken’ (Just an inside joke) -Live Radiantly! -CPN

  2. Gavin White says:

    Thanks for sharing this Dave – Chandrakant truly is a ministry gift of Christ to the Church – His faith and passion is fantastic – His insight that you describe is excellent – i’ll remember the ‘chicken sandwich’ especially when i’m in the chiller zone at Tesco’s this week!!!

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