Random for the weekend…

It’s Friday already and that means the weekend, and that means it’s time to relax – and what better way to help you than give you a link to another great and totally random site!

Now I want to be clear that I am not a fan of bashing George Dubbya but he has made some verbal clangers in his time and this site celebrates this fact and also allows you to give George your favourite words to see how they might be used in one of his speechesMy favourite so far is George’s version of the word Hesed – a much loved word of mine. First of all here is the site to go to:


Then move over the boxes until you see the word ‘Wordify’

And then type away. One bit of advice, keep the same word in and let George give you a number of translations. There are some other nice things on this site too which will keep you amused for a few minutes or so – I do also recommend the dancing Tony.

Post your favourite results and share them with the world!

Enjoy the weekend and I’ll see you Monday!


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