The greatest gift…

I love hearing about new stuff. New gadgets, new technologies, new breakthroughs, new movies… stuff. I’m fascinated and intrigued by it. I like listening to people who are very knowledgeable about these things as well. I know there are some people who think they know something about everything…my brother actually does – if you want something new and ‘gadgety’, he’s the man…

I, on the other hand, can’t pretend to know everything (although sometimes I wish I did, or temporarily believe that I do) but I do know about one great thing that is still new, still fresh, still revolutionary and still the most precious gift you can ever receive – and that is your salvation!

Very simply, come and meet Jesus – he wants to meet you. Let him into your life, make him number one and realise that your life is meant for so much more. The bible says that God created you as his ‘masterpiece’ created for the many and good plans that God has for your life. If you don’t believe me then scroll down and read the testimonies that will surely come.

If you want to know how you can become a Christian then email me, leave a comment or you can click the link below that will open a window with a prayer of how you can receive Christ into your life.

Click here to find out more…

Have a great weekend. If you have received Christ in your life, be proud of your salvation and thank Jesus for all he has done for you. If you don’t know Him yet – come and receive the greatest gift.


2 Responses to The greatest gift…

  1. This is indeed the greatest gift of all time. I thank God for giving me this precious and wonderful gift, and I want to confess that it is the best gift you will ever receive if you have not yet done so. Why not go for it.

  2. Steve says:

    Best thing that ever happened to me! Thank you Lord you have set me free!

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