Fix your eyes…


Yesterday and this morning I was thinking about the Mount of Transfiguration in Matthew 17 & Mark 9. It has always been a passage to glean from but more often then not, I seem to come away with more questions about it. Good questions though. Not necessarily the deep meaning questions, but the questions of thought such as – what must it have been like?… 

I would like to share one thing that stood out for me on this occasion. The transfiguration must have been a moment of awe and wonder. A time to just gaze upon the majesty of what God was doing, a time to breathe in the eternal significance of what was unfolding before their eyes, a glimpse of heavens realities touching the earth. Yet in this moment there was a panic, a feeling like they had to react and do something.  

I’m not knocking Peter because I believe so many of us would have done the same (if indeed we would have qualified to be up there on the mountain with Jesus – so many other disciples weren’t taken up in the first place) but in this moment he lost his gaze and his eyes and thoughts wandered to: “what can I do, what can I build, that’s it – I’ll build 3 tabernacles.”   

How often we try and encapsulate what God is doing into a method or a programme or a building or a tabernaclebecause we lose sight of what God is letting us in on

When the Spirit of God moves amongst us. When we are allowed a glimpse of heaven. When we see wonders and miracles that can only be described as awesome – let us not box it in or build something to contain it – it will fail.  Let us not lose our focus but instead be as Peter finally was – “for when they looked up again – they saw only Jesus”. (Matthew 9:8) 

Today, fix your eyes on Christ. Take in what he is unfolding on the world. Don’t rush to method, programme or itinerary but just see him

If we live so that we just see Jesuswe will truly have set our sights on heavens realities.  


3 Responses to Fix your eyes…

  1. Programmes & methods!…fine; but I dont get carried away by it; and there are times when God will lay down specific methods & programmes to follow. In all of it, all I want to do is to behold His Glory and Majestic Splendor, so that I can be changed to His Image from glory to glory by His Spirit.

  2. Olive says:

    Hi David , so blessed and encouraged with this and other posts , great site , not to be missed !! Be blessed .

  3. Roger says:

    One thing that’s always intrigued me is: how did Peter recognise Moses and Elijah? He had no photo or painting to go on; but he knew it was them. I can only assume that the Holy Spirit did some revealing.

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