I was NOT aware of that…

It’s Friday, it’s my lunchbreak and I have the Internet at my disposal……interesting.

I’m going to put a weird and wonderful website every week for you to visit and take a break from the norm. This weeks random website is QuizGalaxy.Com….

Ever wondered what your full name will be defined as in a dictionary? what your style of walk is? what you’ll go to jail for? or who your arch-nemesis is? Then look no further. Just follow the link below and try the different ‘quizes’ where you have multiple choice questions of simply type in your full name. I’ve posted my result below…

Click here for QuizGalaxy

  • What is my full name defined as in the dictionary? ‘a person with a taste for acorns’
  • What will I have to write on the chalk board? ‘I will not trust pirates ever again’
  • What’s the most out-of-date phrase I use? ‘That’s whack’
  • What’s my style of walk? ‘Curiously proper’
  • What’s my darkest secret? ‘I have at least 1 Spice Girls CD’
  • What will I go to jail for? ‘tried to cheat in Vegas’
  • Who is my arch-nemesis? ‘Joan of Arc’

Very random, and amusing for all but 5 minutes…so what did you find out about yourself?



3 Responses to I was NOT aware of that…

  1. Marcos says:


    Nice site! Hey, you have a link to Star Wars??? COOL> Yes, I’m a responsible man who turn off the lights at home and turns on the lightsabers! To do battle with my 2 children………

    Um….I do it for them of course 🙂


  2. David G says:

    Well, in answer to the question, I was going to say “Nothing” because the first thing I saw was all sorts of links to get you to your perfect partner, but I’ve got mine already, so there’s not a lot more important than that, therefore it wasn’t worth proceeding – it would only lead to a wrong answer!

    on returning here, I saw Marcos’s comment and discovered that I am not alone in my pursuit of the Jedi arts with young Padawan’s. This is why of the 6 glass lampshades in our living room, only two are now intact. The others have fallen victim of various sabre slashes and force pushes (tennis balls etc). – I bet you weren’t aware of that!

  3. Dave Shutt says:

    Hi both,

    Neither of you are alone in your love of Star Wars haha – although I don’t have the excuse of children to pin my love for SW on. Maybe I’ll do a post on it some day…


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