2006 is the year to mix!

Back from the weekend and raring to blog! That has to be a good sign that last weeks enthusiasm to write was not just a flash in the pan (can anyone tell me where that saying comes from?)

And what a lovely weekend! At the beginning of this year, Keri Jones addressed All Nations Church in Cardiff and told us that 2006 would be the year to mix. It wasn’t just a clever rhyming remark, it was in fact a profound truth that if we take hold of and run with, it will be something that marks us out in the world. We’re different.

You don’t need to look far to see that the world is withdrawing into itself. The feeling is that there is no longer a need for community and that interaction can be maintained by many means but not in person. The Kingdom of God scoffs at that. I’m all for new ways to stay in touch (this is a blog after all) but if all we have are emails, blogs, webcasts, video conferencing, Christian TV – then God help us.

Because we’re all about people – the church – the people of God! Sure I can encourage by an email – but what better to express the heart of God than to go and see my friend and mix with the best people in the world. So that’s what Zoe and I did this weekend.

Not even a viral-type cold thing would hold my Zoe back. Friday night – went for a meal with two very dear people to us. Sunday, after a great gathering of God’s people, we were invited to another family’s house where we had a lovely time eating and laughing, chatting about the things of God and aspects of life (which really are the same thing). Then Sunday evening through to about 3:30am this morning I watched the Superbowl with Jon Cooper. It was a just a great, great weekend.

“Don’t you feel tired, like you gave out? It was your weekend after all; time is precious you know.”

I agree, time is precious and we need to make the most of it, and that’s precisely why rather than spend it in isolation and withdraw from the world – Zoe and I chose to make our time count. Yes we gave out but we also received and in much greater measure. The Bible says “give and it will come back to you…in greater measure” and “it’s far greater to give than to receive“. Such truth.

So this year and beyond, don’t conform to the world – get out there and mix it up with the people of God and those you are reaching out to! Find out for yourselves; 2006 is the year to mix.


5 Responses to 2006 is the year to mix!

  1. Superbowl! Robert Chew from the University and his visiting friend wanted to watch the superbowl. I would have asked them to join Jon & you for the superbowl night vigil!.

  2. David Shutt says:

    Hi Akin,

    I’m truly sorry about that – it’s hard to tell who actually likes American football in this country. But your comment just goes to show that I still have lots of mixing to do to find out how we can bless people.

    Have a great day mighty warrior!

  3. Roger says:

    Dave: I think ‘flash in the pan’ might come from the period of muskets, when the gunpowder flashed but did not ignite enough to fire the musket ball. Maybe.

  4. Nick Howes says:

    Good one Keri, the best ’06 slogan we came up with was “The kids will eat more Weetabix in 2006” – and they are!

  5. David Shutt says:

    Thanks Roger, that makes sense to me.

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