Obed(ience) Edom

We had a great time with the Church in Pontypridd last night.

Every Wednesday we meet as a mid-week group, life group, cell group, Church in the home, homegroup, house2house….you know – the essential midweek gathering which we all believe are vital yet no one has been able to give them a decent name that sticks for longer than a year or two.

Anyway, people were just chipping in and sharing what God has been speaking to them when Ayo (a great man from Nigeria!) speaks up and begins talking about the blessings bestowed on Obed Edom…

Ayo had been reading in 2nd Samuel 6 about how the ark of the Lord came to be at Obed Edom’s house and what struck Ayo was the way in which God had blessed Obed Edom’s family, house and following generations – and all because he had had an encounter with the presence of God. Obed Edom had lived in the presence of God, dwelt with God, lived with God in such close proximity that God lavished him and his household.

But it got me thinking. If we read back in the account we see that Uzzah had just been killed for reaching out to steady the ark and as a result David became afraid and sent the ark to Obed Edom. Surely Obed Edom must have been daunted by the thought of the ark coming to his house? I’m sure he would have heard about Uzzah. If it were you or I in his shoes, would we have been so quick to say ‘Sure, King David, bring it in’ or would we have turned down the opportunity. Yet he took in the ark and he and his family were blessed – very blessed

So what is the lesson I learnt from Obed Edom? I want to suggest to you obedience.

He was obedient to let the presence of God come into his home. Obedient to treat the presence of God in a way that God found acceptable. Obedient to give God the time he wanted with him.

Today, God wants to dwell with you, he wants to presence himself with you. Not in a buddy-buddy, on the back-of-a-cart kind of way. But the God of glory wants to spend time with you. The God who made the heavens and the earth entire longs to come into your life and make his home with you. Let me encourage you to obey. Let him come to you and make his dwelling with you.

We must become a people at home in the presence of God – always aware of him, at peace with the Holy Spirit. I don’t mean in a familiar way – Obed Edom would certainly not have treated the ark of the Lord as just another piece of furniture! In fact I’m certain that the ark would have been at the centre of his entire house – and so it should be with the presence of God and our lives.

God is not a far off God – he longs to dwell with you and make his home with you. The key to making this possible is just as it was for Obed Edom when the ark of the Lord appeared at his front door; obey.

Be obedient to the presence of God. Let him in. Let him be the centre.


3 Responses to Obed(ience) Edom

  1. Another great insight. Although God’s heart is always to bless us and do us good, he is not our “blessing machine” to be carted around as we see fit.

    As the people of Israel found out to their cost on more than one occasion, the blessings of God are never guaranteed merely by association with the Lord, only by obedience.

    These things are written as examples for us…

  2. Andrew Coe says:

    Right on the money again, Dave. God is teaching us all at this time, in particular, to be 100% obedient and to live in awe of Him at the same time as being completely comfortable with living and moving in the Spirit.

    We must totally get the fact that the ‘Comforter’ is also ‘Omnipotent’!

  3. sonicrafter says:

    I definitely enjoyed reading this write-up.Thank you.

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