My best man…

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, 

It has come to my attention that a certain photo of myself has appeared on the Internet – a photo of me with oversized animals from many years ago (1996 to be exact!)

The photo was put there by no other than my best man at my wedding, one Jonathan Cooper.

Shame Jon….shame on you.

However, not one to hold a grudge I have forgiven Jon. But just before I forgave him I found this original and totally 100% undoctored photo from last summer of Jon crying like a girl and showing off the new summer range from Spar.

He was crying because a small child had just stamped on his foot and stolen his lolly-pop.

Now I call truce haha

Surely this is what the internet was made for?

 P.S – no animals were harmed in the taking of any of these photos.


2 Responses to My best man…

  1. Olive says:

    Absolutely Hilarious .

  2. MARCOS says:

    You two are so funny. Thanks for the laughs!!!


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