A Common taterI was once asked if I read commentaries and if so who was my favourite commentator – I quickly replied ‘Maris Piper’

…they said they had never heard of that commentator and asked me why had I chosen them. I said I would have chosen Kind Edward…but that’s not just a common-tater, that’s the King of all taters. They just looked at me kinda funny and then began walking backwards slowly.

I, in the meantime, was crying with laughter – I make myself laugh.

What I presume my friend really meant was do I read biblical commentaries and if so who do I like. Well I do sometimes but I prefer to read the Word for myself first and let the Lord talk to me. That’s not to say that God can’t and hasn’t enlightened me through a commentary, (I’m an admirer of the works of Spurgeon, Henry, Pink, Tozer, Meyer and many more) but if I had to rely on someone else’s revelation I may as well put down my Bible and just read their books. Where I am going with this?

I decided in the night that I would commit to this blog my thoughts about certain passages of scripture that God has made alive to me. I’m going to do what all-good bloggers do (taking my lead from Dr Aubrey) and even have a dedicated category for my thoughts. I hope they bless you and help you. I’m going to start at lunchtime today…


One Response to Common-tater

  1. Nick Howes says:

    Hi Dave,
    glad you’re online again. Always fun to ‘check-in’ from time to time with good mates, see what you’re up to (well, at least what’s in your brain). Anyway, a funny thing happened to me the other day. It was a Tuesday, no was it Thursday, anyway I was eating a bagel,… no a muffin..oh nevermind…
    Bless ya mate!

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