I believe the tomb is empty…


squilrI’m driving to work this morning, ready for a new day of graft and numbers, when who should pop into my head but Mr Ron Kenoly! Big Ron! Now if you don’t know who Ron Kenoly is then you’re missing out on some great live worship recordings, especially the early stuff, albums like Lift Him Up, God is Able, Sing Out etc…

Anyway, Ron starts singing the bridge from the song “Yes Lord (We Believe)” which goes like this, ahem:

“I believe the tomb is empty, for I know my heart is full

Of the glory and the wonder of your name

I believe the power to raise you, is alive in me right now

And this joy within my heart can’t be contained

Yes Lord, Yes Lord I believe!

What a truth! I got all excited all over again at the fact (F-A-C-T!) that Christ was raised from the dead and now that same resurrection power is alive in me!

Power to live, power to reign, power to serve, power to praise, power to overcome, power to evangelise…power.

That’s what Acts 1:8 is all about – dynamite power for you and I.

Thank you Jesus!


7 Responses to I believe the tomb is empty…

  1. Olive says:

    Welcome Welcome David , to my little circle of daily reading , ( if you miss blogging ; I’ll miss reading !
    I love what I have read , of cause , I knew I would . I love your punchy ,’ realities only style earthiness’ , Olive

  2. Anna says:

    hey dave! welcome to the blogging world. And u bet, I love Ron Kenoly too, though i havent been able to get my hands on many of his cds in India.
    and by the way, if you dont know me, I am one of the students at the School of the Word.

  3. Matthew says:

    Now to some of us “Big Ron” conjurers up an entirely different picture! Glad you’re bloggin Dave!

  4. Dave & Leah says:

    Dave – the Bodens say ‘Yipee’ to your Blog…feels like you’re in our life again! Do all the Squirrels look like that in Wales?

  5. Chris Negron says:

    Hey Dave! Welcome back Brother! HESED! I can now add you to my circle of blog reading, and surfing now! It’s great that your having another go, and I will be comenting often. Your friend in ‘Chi-town’ who is living radiantly! -CPN

  6. Well done, I guess you can sustain the flow of thoughts. So keep the blog rolling. Will be there to read the great stuff you’ve got to say.

  7. A blog by DAVID SHUTT!! That I have got to read. I know I should check it “now and again” but I want to come back EVERY DAY!! Even if there is nothing new, I can re-read your “about” page again and gaze upon the happy couple! A big up for Big Ron also, from his biggest fan this side of Cilfynydd (yeah, that is a real place despite the lack of vowels!) Go gettem Dave!!

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