Another day…another new blog site


Straight away…I know what you’re thinking – brother, another blog site.

Well, yes – I guess it is but let me explain. You see I have had blogs before…but both of them ran out of steam and I vowed never to blog again but instead concentrate my energies on moaning about the wealth of blogs I felt obliged to read…

Just kidding, I’m not a moaner.

So I’m back again with another blog because once in a while I just want to tell the world something. I want to share the good news about Jesus Christ, I want to encourage you with what is happening in the Church, I want to pass on what God is saying to his people, I want to….I want to….I want to blog…basically.

But, it’s different this time! I’m not setting out to write everyday, I’m not planning to record every little thing going on in my life (they’re the kind of blogs I can’t stand, we all know the ones: “this morning I had a bagel…with butter, sometimes with Jam. Later I got dressed…” yawn). So that’s why the title is what it is. You have no obligation to read in the same way that I have set myself no obligation to write every day. It’s a win-win situation.

So maybe once in a while I’ll write and maybe once in a while you’ll stop by. Remember, you have no obligation to read…but every now and then I just want to tell the world something fantastic!


3 Responses to Another day…another new blog site

  1. Roger says:

    Well, praise God! I’m sure that whatever you say and whenever you say it will be worth the click of the mouse to get here.

  2. David G says:

    well, I’ve just been to collect a trumpeter from Church, nearly crashed into the woman bringing our car back from it’s service and had two slices of toast and marmite before logging on to Roger’s Blog for some inspiration and finding an advert for yours. So, well done on having the get up and go to stamp God’s Kingdom on the internet, I’ll look forward to reading some good stuff, be assured you’re efforts will not go unread and I’m sure they’ll achieve their intended purpose.

  3. Andrew Coe says:

    Fantastic news Dave! There’s nothing better than insight from a solid down to earth man of God.

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