For the Lord God Almighty Reigns!

Vision of Glory!

Do you ever get a sense of excitement wash over you when you worship the Lord? I do. Sometimes they are slow burning and I can feel it growing as I worship the Lord. Sometimes, like this morning, it just rushes on me – like suddenly I am aware of the reality of what I am singing and praying, suddenly I am aware that Jesus is with me and I am humbled by his presence.

Such an occurrence happened this morning. In my car, listening to Michael W Smith’s Agnus Dei and that repeated phrase….”for the Lord God almighty Reigns!

What truth! He is ruling and reigning right now. “But I don’t see it, where?” I hear you say. To which I say – everywhere! It’s not about what our physical eyes see because if we were to trust our own natural ability then we would should surely panic at the state of the world. But what do we see with our spiritual eyes? That’s the key – in the spiritual we can see God ruling and reigning in every situation. If we see that first then when we open our natural eyes we see things differently. We see things as they are with God’s purpose in mind. We see the world as ours for the taking. We see that “in this world [we] will have trials and troubles, but fear not because [Jesus] has overcome the world!” (Jn 16:33)

Thomas Gray wrote in ‘The Bard’Visions of glory, spare my aching sight“. How true! A vision of Glory will spare our eyes, will take us away from seeing things the way the world sees. Why? Because to have a vision of glory is to have a vision of the resurrected Christ, a vision of Glory is to see Jesus in his ascendancy, a vision of glory is to fix our eyes on Jesus, the author, perfector and finisher of our faith” (Hebrews 12:1-3)

Do you eyes sting when you see yourself and your situation? Does your sight ache when you watch the evening news? Then I would suggest that you are seeing things in your own strength and understanding. See as Christ sees.

Talk to Jesus about what is around you. Commit to him any sadness that you see and the questions that are raised in your mind. Do all these and you will surely come into the knowledge that ‘the Lord God Almighty Reigns.’ Will all questions be answered? No, and mine are not for there are things I just don’t understand. But when I see as Christ sees and I commit everything to him by faithful prayer and petition, then the peace that passes all understanding guards my heart (Phil 4:4-8) and I know without doubt that my God reigns!



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