Expect the Expected

Last Nights Gathering…

Can I just say first and foremost that I had a great time last night in the presence of God with Godly people.Psalm 22:22 says “I will declare your name to my brothers, in the congregation I will praise you.” Last night it was wonderful to once again praise God together and for us all to worship together.

Knowing I was going to share some thoughts on thinking big and looking ahead, I was very blessed with the word of God that came prophetically. I thought I would summarise what God said to us that we would remember and act on it.

  • When we gather it is not just about Pontypridd but that we are a part of All Nations worshipping the Lord. We must think bigger, outside of these 4 walls and know that as we pray and worship, we have global and universal effect
  • God told us to pray with greater expectation than we have been. God will give us specific things to pray for and when we seek his face we must call on his name with an expectancy that God will act on our words.
  • We were encouraged that it was a word for everybody, not just for a few. That if we want Him to, God will arrest each of us with a desire and a compulsion to seek his face. We must re-order our days in light of God’s plan, we must look again at what we give priority to.
  • It is the “little foxes that spoil the vine” (Song of Solomon 2:15). It was the little foxes that couldn’t reach the fruit but would scurry away at the root with their claws. No one thought they could do much damage but little by little they killed the root of the vine. God will show us little things in our lives (not necessarily bad things) that he wants us to stop doing or stop being distracted by.
  • We must “expect the expected“. While we know we will do “even greater things” (John 14:12) we must also begin to expect to do what we have heard about, and what Christ did. Many times we believe we must expect the unexpected, [which is very true]- but first let us look to move in what Christ and the Apostles moved in because we know that the standard/ precedent is there that we can do these things by the anointing and power of the Holy Spirit.

So there we go. As well as that prophetic word that was an exhortation to begin to think about where we are at as a group and as individuals.

  • What are we ready for in Pontypridd?
  • Where do we see ourselves as individuals?
  • What will we give ourselves to?
  • That we would all be looking at ourselves and asking God is this where you want me and if so what do you want me to do?

Important questions with exciting answers! let us all be thinking bigger, praying with greater expectancy and seeking God for wisdom and guidance for the next phase!



One Response to Expect the Expected

  1. TonyR says:

    Dave (and anyone else who reads this; may 1, maybe 1,000!),

    Sorry I didn’t make last night but I’d only just got back from site after a hectic return to work. You clearly had a great time!

    Some responses:
    -Blog; great idea again Dave (it stands for Web log by the way).
    – God spoke to me about expecting the expected, the exact same phrase!
    – What we pray/do affects All Nations…it’s really true! This weekend we were talking to my Mum, who had just had a letter from some friends of hers in Australia, whom I had met 25 years ago! She asked if I remembered them, and I said I did as we’d been praying for that country in Cardiff a few weeks before and had called them to mind. Well, the lady was a Christian and her husband not, but she wrote that he had given his life to Christ on what was actually the day we prayed as a church!!!!! More and more I’m getting it into my thick skull (thanks Holy Spirit!) that God is making us (you, me) an effective church of, and for, All Nations!! Thank you Lord!

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