All Nations shall come and worship!

Morning All!

Last night I was reading and praying and seeking God for Pontypridd when it struck me a fresh that what we are in Pontypridd is one vital aspect of all nations coming to worship the Lord. All Nations. All Nations! That’s incredible and we’re already seeing it among ourselves.

Even in a group of 30 (adults and children) we see All nations: England, Wales, Nigeria, Kenya….extend that open to our family in Cardiff and it moves further: Scotland, Northen Ireland, Iran, China, America, Kuwait, Malaysia, India, Uganda, Zambia….and I’m only stopping there because I can’t remember them all!

Take a minute to think about it. When we meet we aren’t just expressing something in Pontypridd but we are announcing God’s Kingdom come to all the world! Men and women shall go out from us and go to lands and shores that some of us may never set foot on….but we are still a part of it because of the seed we can sow into lives! That opens up everything! Below are some verses that I pulled out last night – if you have a spare 15 minutes, look some of them up and thank God that All nations will hear of his fame!

  • Hab 2:14
  • Ps 22:25-f
  • Ps 67
  • Ps 72:17-f
  • Ps 86: 9-10
  • Ps 98
  • Rev 15:4
  • Ps 57:5
  • Ps 113:1-4
  • Isa 12:5
  • Isa 40:5
  • Mt 6:9-10
  • 1 Tim 2:1-6

Be blessed, Dave


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