And so we begin…

Dear World,

There is a bandwagon called blogging, and my friends I have just jumped right on it! Landed with two feet, burned all my non-blog bridges behind me….let’s see if I can keep this up.

Musings from Pontypridd? Well, the church I am a part of it in Pontypridd and we believe without a shadow of a doubt that God’s kingdom, his heaven on earth or his rule in action, is advancing and taking ground. Man these are exciting days.

Inspired by the living blogging legend that is and remains Nick Howes in Coventry, I have started a blog to record and note those things God is stirring in me regarding his church and what is happening in All Nations Church Pontypridd.

I say that these things will be regarding Pontypridd in specific but I want to acknowledge at the start that the gospel of Jesus Christ is to the ends of the earth! There is no door closed to his message, there are no hearts impervious to it, all shall hear of him, all will choose to follow or deny him. These are musings from Ponty…but they are glimpses of what God is doing emphatically all over the earth! That is the reality of where we live and of the times that we live in. Excited yet?

As this is the first entry and I don’t yet exactly how this works…I shall stop here and click ‘Publish Entry’ and see what happens. All being well, I’ll be back soon to offer offer more musings from Ponty…



One Response to And so we begin…

  1. Olive says:

    Big God , Big vision , Much fruit !!! Well done to the folks in Ponty , Keep up the good work David .

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